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We provide as the main feature of our integral service the exportation of gold under the licence of our shippers to several destinations across the world. The export of gold meets the Government requirement under strict Customs regulation and by the Bank of Ghana requirement. All the gold exports are done through laid down regulations to several world class refineries overseas.

The process involves the issuance of Assay, invoices, a packing list, documentation for customs clearance and finally Airway bills with Consignee details to the point of destination. As a primary rule all intended gold exports must first submit to the Bank of Ghana regulation by first wiring money for the gold export into Ghana before shipment can be commenced.

There is absolutely no gold shipment under credit terms, the BOG regulations does not allow for shipment of gold before Payment. NOTE the requirement is stated on the BOG form ‘A’ it is a precondition for export please ask for details and do not pay money to anybody to allow shipment other than the prescribed regulation.

Asar Gold have special arrangement to our committed end buyers making it possible to ship to destination refinery before full payment is wired to Ghana. Shipment of gold dust is not allowed, all gold must be smelted into Dore bars to ascertain the purity for invoice value to be placed on customs clearance. The total cost for export is calculated at 5% of export value based on the World Marketing spot price on the day of export.  Please request export charge sheet and invoice
Disclaimer: This has come to our notice that, certain fraudulent people are using our company, Asar Gold Company Ltd to Perpertuate fraud. Please be aware that, The only Authentic Contacts to Reach Asar Gold Company Limited are  +233 303 965 434 +233 303 965 418 or Email